LineDance Movie & Servies

LineDance the Movie™

LineDance™ tells the story of a city-raised career woman
who takes her mom to a small country town to heal.

They both struggle to fit in until a chance encounter with a cowboy line dancer.

As a result of this chance meeting everyone's lives will change forever
and soon dance and music will bring romance and happiness to all.

LineDance is loosely based on events that took place
in a small rural community somewhere in North America.

© 7984847 CANADA CORP.

2017™ & LineDance the Series™
Created by Kevin Dwyer
(Creative Director)


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We would like to give credit to the movie makers of Footloose.

We have used some footage as dance examples.

Thanks to Kenny Chesney for the great music.

LineDance™ Productions

We will be producing instructions for all line dances show in our series, many new line dances and the related line dance instruction sheets.

Free line dancing instructions on location as well. Beginners line dances and advanced can be found here as well.